Cloud Printing Kiosks Return to OU Campus

OU Information Technology is bringing cloud printing back to campus this semester.  Starting in August 2014, OU students will have access to 11 cloud printing kiosks, strategically located in areas with the highest density of users: residence halls, Bizzell Memorial Library, and the Union, to name a few. Through a partnership with WEPA, members of the OU community will be able to print from smartphones, tablets, personal computers, lab computers, and USB flash drives.  Once submitted, documents can be picked up from any kiosk;  files are transmitted securely and stay in the cloud for 96 hours.   Students, faculty, staff, and guests can log in at cloud printing kiosks by swiping a Sooner Card – or by manually entering a 4+4 and password – and will have access to any documents they have uploaded.

Per-page costs for WEPA printing are the same as traditional wired network printing in campus computer labs, and students will still see a $10 printing credit this fall:

  • $5 in WEPA credit, which can be accessed from any campus cloud printing kiosk, and
  • $5 in traditional printing credit, which can be accessed in any OU IT computer lab.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring this innovative technology to campus this fall,” said Chris Kobza, OU IT Learning Spaces Manager. “Not only is cloud printing an easier and more convenient way for students to print on campus but it is also a more cost-effective and sustainable printing technology for the University.”

The thing that makes this solution so great is accessibility and flexibility: regardless of the source – whether you are printing from your phone, tablet, flash drive, laptop, via email, or using a lab computer – you can walk up to any one of the kiosks, log in, and pick up your documents.  The app even has a way to print photos from mobile devices, as well as scan, crop, and print documents using your device’s camera.

For information on downloading the WEPA app and WEPA print drivers, as well as kiosk locations, students can visit

Jeremy Hessman

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