Mobile Plaza Provides Space for Recommended Campus Apps

Becky Weintz

Mobile Plaza

Interested in looking through the various educational apps developed by OU or recommended by departments on campus? Visit OU’s new Mobile Plaza website.

After hearing that it was difficult for students, faculty and staff to find recommended apps, OU IT worked with several departments to compile the apps for OU’s new Mobile Plaza website. Mobile Plaza is essentially a gallery of applications that we suggest students, faculty and staff download to provide a richer experience both inside and out of the classroom. Additionally, the OU community is able to recommend apps through an online form on the site.

Currently the website includes the official OU apps, general recommended apps and the form for recommending apps but our goal is to add several more pages in the coming months including:

  • Develop Apps page – Information for students about ways to get involved in developing apps here on campus
  • Departmental pages – A space for faculty to provide applications specific to their disciplines that they would suggest their students download
  • OU Student Apps page – Applications that OU students have built

Becky Weintz
Becky Weintz

Originally from the East Coast, Becky Weintz moved from Washington D.C. to Oklahoma City in November of 2010 and began working for OU IT shortly thereafter. Prior to working for OU, Becky worked for TIG Global, an interactive marketing agency, managing website builds and online marketing campaigns for hospitality clients. She was lucky enough to be selected for a position in TIG Global’s London office and spent almost two years there enjoying the London sunshine and traveling around Europe visiting clients. Now she spends most of her time communicating all the great things about OU IT, working to finish her Masters of Education and hiding from tornadoes in her basement.

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