MyMedia: You’ve heard the name, but what is it?

Many of you probably heard rumblings around campus this summer about a new video service in the works. Well, it’s here! The University of Oklahoma will offer a video solution this fall called MyMedia. Interested in participating in the beta test this fall? Scroll to the bottom of this post for more information.

MyMedia directly supports OU’s Digital Initiative, which aims to increase the use of digital content to enhance the learning experience. MyMedia is powered by Kaltura, a leader in video streaming for higher education as well as other industries. MyMedia will enable faculty and students to more effectively utilize academic video content at OU.

The MyMedia portal will be the main area for users to manage their videos. The portal allows students, instructors, and staff to upload videos, record from a webcam, and even record a screen capture. All uploads or recordings are tied to the individual’s 4+4 and private by default. A number of featured videos will also be available for viewing.

MyMedia also provides seamless integration with our campus LMS, Desire2Learn; allowing users to capture webcam video from within D2L or insert other videos quickly and easily from the MyMedia portal. This new functionality is available within D2L anywhere there is an HTML editor (ex: News post, Discussion post, Dropbox submission). In addition to integrating video with the D2L platform, we also hope to leverage the MyMedia solution to provide lecture capture and live-streaming for campus.

What can MyMedia help you do?

  • Easily create and share video in your D2L course with your students.
  • Allow your students to provide video responses to discussions and dropboxes.
  • Share the most pertinent parts of class that may need to be reviewed.

If you are interested in participating in the Fall 2013 beta launch, please visit the MyMedia page to learn more and sign up.

Kevin Buck

As an academic technology administrator, Kevin Buck primarily focuses on assisting faculty and students with the use of technology to enhance their learning experience. Over the past year, Kevin has taken a growing interest in digital media and mobile solutions. Kevin serves as the Digital Media Specialist for OU Information Technology, enabling and supporting the use of video to enhance the student experience. Prior, Kevin administered the campus LMS, Desire2Learn, and coordinated training and support for the system. Originally from Kansas, Kevin started working for OU IT in 2007 when he moved to Norman to pursue his undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma. Kevin earned his Bachelor of Arts in Information Studies and is currently contemplating what he'd like to pursue for his Masters degree.

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