Academic Tech News, Week of 9/14

The MOOC Where Everybody Learned – 9/16
“The researchers analyzed data from a physics course that MIT offered on the edX platform in the summer of 2013. They found that students who had spent significant time on the course showed evidence of learning no matter what their educational background.”
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A Radical New Way to Collaborate, From the Makers of ‘Paper’ – 9/16
“An empty canvas is great if you’ve got the imagination to do something with it. Sometimes, though, it takes a little push to get the creative mojo going. That’s the thinking behind Mix, a new collaborative platform from FiftyThree, makers of the popular iPad sketching app, Paper. Built right into the app, it’s based around a continuously expanding pool of shared content that’s available for anyone to mix, remix, and draw inspiration from. ”
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Out in the Open: A Blogging Tool That Lets You Actually Own What You Post on Facebook – 9/17
“Werdmuller and Richey are part of the Indie Web movement, a loose knit group of hackers and designers reclaiming control over their online lives, grabbing them back from the big name web companies. They run a company called Known, and its first product plays right into this ethic. It’s an open source publishing tool designed to provide a way of more easily publishing status updates, blog posts, and photos to a wide range of social media services, including Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter. But it comes with a twist: it lets you keep a copy of whatever you publish and post on your own site.”
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*As a side note, Known is an optional tool provided in the OU Create pilot. Already using Known? Let us know how you’re using it in the comments!

Jeremy Hessman