OU Desire2Learn July Upgrade

We are excited to announce that we will be upgrading to a new version of Desire2Learn on July 7th and 8th! The upgrade will introduce a number of new features, along with major enhancements to some existing features.

Please note: Desire2Learn will be unavailable from 10pm on Saturday July 7th until 2pm on Sunday July 8th. We understand there is no ideal date for system downtime, but with careful consideration and discussion, various academic leaders chose this time frame to minimize the impact on courses currently in session. Please plan accordingly for this downtime.


New Features:

  • The ability to export final grades to oZONE. The final calculated or final adjusted grade can be sent to oZONE when using the Letter Grade grading scheme. A large number of instructors have inquired about this functionality, and we are proud to introduce a time saving benefit to our community.
  • The ability to subscribe to a feed that allows events to be viewed outside of D2L; however, the instructor must enable this feature within each course. Additionally, content items can be uploaded with start and due dates directly from the calendar.
  • The ability to view certain dropbox submission file types directly in their browser, avoiding the need to download the files. Next to the preview pane, instructors can leave text, audio or video feedback and grade the submission.

We will provide more information as we near the upgrade date, and we appreciate your patience during this time.

Please email learn@ou.edu or call 325-4357 with any questions or comments.

Jeremy Hessman