New Core Classroom

Summer 2013 Classroom Renovation Update

It’s been another busy summer for the IT Learning Spaces Classroom/AV team, with seven centrally scheduled classrooms slated for full renovation, and several more rooms scheduled for technology-only upgrades. The most exciting additions this summer are two technology-enabled active learning classrooms (ALCs). Following The CORE‘s successful first year, the PACCR committee (Provost Advisory Counsel for Classrooms) voted unanimously to invest in the University’s first centrally scheduled ALCs.

Residing on the second floor of the Physical Sciences Center, the rooms represent two standards-based ALC designs that are scalable, supportable, and affordable. The smaller of the two, PHSC 228, is a pilot room for a “low-tech” ALC option in which a display is added at each of the room’s tables. While there is standard presentation technology available in the room, the table displays are not centrally controlled and show local video only. The design is minimalistic, but incorporates key functionality and requires little investment over the standard technology. The larger room, PHSC224/227, is modeled after The Core, and will accommodate classes of up to 45. While it has the same functionality and infrastructure as The Core, several cost-cutting changes were made to enable replication across campus.

These two rooms, as well as four other standard classrooms being renovated on the same floor, complement the recent state-of-the-art renovation of PHSC 201. It’s so great to see that in just a few years, one of our most challenging (and dusty) instructional areas has become a model for our campus learning spaces! Could this be the home to next year’s Academic Technology Expo?!

New for Fall 2013
– Bizzell 102 – Standard Classroom (Photo above: Note the moveable chairs!)
– PHSC 228 – Low Tech ALC
– PHS 224/227 – High Tech ALC
– PHSC 212/226, 222, 223, 225 – Standard Classrooms
– PHSC 321, 356, 359, 360 and 363 – Basic Tech Only
– Carnegie 225 – Basic Tech Only

Jeremy Hessman

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