Introducing Gary England’s Tornado Alley

Gary England's Tornado Alley

Introducing Sooner Series
We’re excited to announce an informative new video series called Sooner Series! Each episode will showcase both the University and the expertise of a special guest. Powered by NextThought, Sooner Series will be informative, fun, entertaining and (best of all) FREE on YouTube, Janux, and iTunes U. (Bonus to Janux users: you will have the opportunity to enter to win a safe room from Atlas Safe Rooms in Norman!)

Gary England’s Tornado Alley
Gary England is back! Our first edition of Sooner Series is “Gary England’s Tornado Alley,” which will feature topics ranging from Fundamentals of Clouds to Severe Weather Precautions. To begin viewing the series, please visit With storm season upon us, we hope this Sooner Series helps you and your family become more weather ready!

Enter Tornado Alley

Jeremy Hessman