LMS Pilot Demos

LMS Demo – #UseItOU or #LoseItOU

As you may know, we are now in the second half of our Spring 2014 LMS Pilot project, where competing learning management systems are being put to the test (read more here).  While these tools are currently being evaluated in 71 course sections across campus, only 2200 students currently have hands on access.  We want to hear from all of you!

Starting this week (4/3), we will have walk-up demonstrations of both the Canvas and D2L learning environments available at the following locations:

  • OneU Store in the OMU
  • Physical Sciences Computer Lab
  • Couch Tower Computer Lab 

You will have access to a demo course where you are enrolled under a generic student account.  You are encouraged to do a variety of things, such as post to discussion boards, browse course content, take quizzes, and view your grades.  When you are done, we ask that you share your feedback with us through Twitter.

Tweet #useitOU or #loseitOU – make sure to let us know which system you tried! For example tweet: Tried Canvas in the Couch Comp Lab & it was great! #useitou or Just tested out D2L+ & I love it! #useitou.

You can also email us feedback at academictech [@] ou.edu.

We appreciate your input!

Jeremy Hessman

cloud computing


  1. Chris, is there some way students can participate without doing the walk-up? And is there a feedback option for students who don’t use Twitter? (I know some of my students use Twitter, but quite a few don’t.)
    Also, is there an option for faculty who want to take a look? I’m very familiar with Canvas (love it), but don’t know anything about the new D2L and am not sure what additional products are included.
    I definitely want to include this in my class announcements but am hoping for more info for students. Thanks!

    • Michelle Crowe

      Yes! My blog post should go out later today with that info but if they are interested, they need to fill out this form: http://goo.gl/eECIVv and we will get them access (it’s a generic access account)!

      • Got it, Michelle – thanks! I saw your post and I really appreciate option to test remotely. I got the codes (thank you!) and will give it a whirl this weekend. 🙂