Wiggio: What Is It?

Wiggio is a free, online group collaboration toolkit geared towards students, but is also finding use with faculty, staff, and some student organizations. Users can share content, create polls and host virtual meetings, among other tasks.

Who has access?

  • Faculty, staff and students have access to Wiggio through D2L.

What does it do?

  • Allow users to gather online in an interactive manner
  • Spark group collaboration.
  • Users can share content, create polls, host virtual meetings, etc.
  • Integrates with OU D2L
  • Can help improve student collaboration

What are the limitations?

  • Access is limited to Norman campus D2L users.

Are instructions/help articles available?

What recommendations are there if someone has issues?

  • Utilize the Wiggio knowledgebase to get answers to most frequently asked questions.
  • For technical issues, call OU IT at 325-HELP, email us at needhelp@ou.edu, visit our IT Answers knowledgebase or utilize the support options (chat, request assistance) inside of D2L.

Derek Mehl