Academic Tech News, Week of 8/17

Here Come the Data Scientists – 8/17

“A few days after the Hewlett sponsored gathering Learning with MOOCs wrapped, one word keeps buzzing through my brain: and that word is data. This was less a MOOC workshop than a coming out party for the postsecondary learning-focused data scientists. Instructional designers were yesterday’s hot new member of the course development team. Today, the must-have course development team member (along with faculty and instructional designers and media specialist and librarians) is the data scientist.”
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New Open Project at OU- Civil War Manuscripts – 8/18

“Transcription is open to anyone, but you will need to register. We need at least 2 transcriptions for each document, so please spread the word and be a part of the OU Libraries first crowdsourced project!!!”
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Why You Should Be Using Video In Your Classroom – 8/20

“The handy infographic below takes a look at reasons why video is a great form of engagement. It focuses on some statistics around video use quite generally (not education specific), but many of the statistics here might convince you that video’s widespread popularity might be a huge plus for you using it in the classroom.”
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Why Students Should Own Their Educational Data – 8/21

“What we need to know about you is your contextualized profile of your performance and what kind of support you’ll need to be able to model your learner profile across contexts. If I had to push for one thing that I think is super important, that is that the user should own their data. There’s this default thing right now which is that everybody but the user owns their data. My vision that we’re going to push for in my organization is you’ve got to have a third party who is responsible for protecting learner data. Then the student could have, say, a decade of data about the way that they’re learning.”
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Why the Future of Education Is Open – 8/21

“The whole edX platform itself is open-source. Agarwal said that anyone can take the edX code, which is all available on, and build his or her own online education platform. Universities and other organizations have begun to adopt the edX platform to deliver their own education initiatives, he added.”
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Jeremy Hessman

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