A Closer Look at OU D2L’s Move to a New Hosting Facility

As we hope you’ve heard, we need to move D2L to the new OU IT Shared Services hosting facility on Friday, July 3rd. Unfortunately, D2L will not be available to instructors and students during this time. We’ll be starting at 12:01 AM on Friday, July 3rd, and we expect the move to the new facility (and verification that the system is working as expected) to take the entire day. Follow OU D2L on social media for progress updates (Twitter or Facebook).

Our new hosting facility will enable SSL throughout all of D2L. As a security measure, recent releases of browsers block “mixed-content” by default. What this means for you:

  • Students: Any embedded, non-secure content may be blocked by your browser. If specific content pieces are not loading, keep an eye out for an alert in your address bar (most likely a shield icon).
  • Instructors: Any embedded, non-secure content may need to be updated. In short, any content (videos, web pages, iframes) that is embedded in D2L needs to have a prefix of HTTPS instead of only HTTP.
  • Read this blog post from D2L to learn more.

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To help you further prepare for the downtime, we have compiled a few more suggestions:


  1. Need access to content in D2L? Download D2L Binder. It allows you to save D2L course content to the web and your tablet. You have full control over the organization and annotation of these course documents. Visit http://binder.desire2learn.com to learn more.
  2. Do you have any assignments due on July 3rd? Be sure you finish them prior to heading to bed Thursday night. You’ll appreciate getting to start your holiday weekend early!
  3. Have further feedback or questions about D2L’s hosting move (or anything else)? Leave a comment below or email ITfeedback AT ou.edu.


  1. Need assistance modifying due dates in your course? Please contact support via 405-325-HELP (option 3), learn AT ou.edu, or the chat widget inside of D2L for assistance.
  2. Did you know that you can also email your students using a course-specific email address? You can find the course email in The Book (accessed from oZONE). Just click on your CRN, and the email address is listed towards the bottom right.
  3. Have further feedback or questions about D2L’s hosting move (or anything else)? Leave a comment below or email ITfeedback AT ou.edu.


Kevin Buck

As an academic technology administrator, Kevin Buck primarily focuses on assisting faculty and students with the use of technology to enhance their learning experience. Over the past year, Kevin has taken a growing interest in digital media and mobile solutions. Kevin serves as the Digital Media Specialist for OU Information Technology, enabling and supporting the use of video to enhance the student experience. Prior, Kevin administered the campus LMS, Desire2Learn, and coordinated training and support for the system. Originally from Kansas, Kevin started working for OU IT in 2007 when he moved to Norman to pursue his undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma. Kevin earned his Bachelor of Arts in Information Studies and is currently contemplating what he'd like to pursue for his Masters degree.

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  1. Thanks for the information, Kevin! I am so glad to hear D2L should be back up Sunday evening. That’s actually when my students are using it most. I’ll keep fingers crossed that the Sunday 5PM works out! And you know I appreciate the Twitter updates. 🙂