Dr. Kurt Gramoll presenting on HTML-based eBooks for Engineering Solid Mechanics

Dr. Gramoll will be presenting his talk on creating and using eBooks for his solid mechanics course on Monday March 24th at 3:00 p.m. in Devon Energy Hall room 220.  This presentation will be the kick off event for Open Education Week at OU.

In an effort to promote students’ interest in engineering education and perhaps have a positive impact on the quality of education, a series of eBooks have been developed at the University of Oklahoma (www.eCourses.ou.edu). This presentation will take a look at the web-based eBook for Solid Mechanics, AME3143. The eBook is designed and developed such that it could be a just-in-time learning tool for students and engineers who would like to learn or review a specific topic in solid mechanics. The implementation of such an eBook in course delivery is particularly convenient for students at the University of Oklahoma since all engineering students have laptop computers with wireless network connection. It has also substantially reduce students’ education costs since it is free to OU students.

The solid mechanics eBook consists of over 30 modules. Each module is further divided into parts that include case introduction, theory, case solution, examples and simulation. A concerted effort has been invested in relating the theory to real world engineering applications through the case studies. Applications from different disciplines (e.g., daily experiences, mechanical, aerospace, and civil engineering applications) are included. The design approach of this eBook is to capture students’ interest by first presenting a case study. The theories and concepts necessary for the students to solve the specific case study are then covered, and followed by a complete solution for the case study.

This presentation was originally on the schedule for the Academic Technology Expo in January.  Refreshments will be provided.

If you have any questions, please contact Stacy Zemke (szemke@ou.edu).

Jeremy Hessman

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