OU Libraries Open Educational Resources Guide

OU Libraries has created a new guide to Open Educational Resources. This guide was designed to assist faculty and students in finding OERs for teaching and research. Open Educational Resources (OERs) are educational materials (of example textbooks, lectures, images, video, activities, etc.) that are specifically designed  to be openly available, and are often licensed to be re-used, re-mixed, and re-distributed. Open is not just about low cost (though that is an important benefit of using OER) but about the ability to take what others have created, customize it for your specific educational needs, and then share with others.

Within the OER guide, there are pages covering open textbooksOpen CourseWareopen images, and OER collections that will help you find educational content that is specifically licensed to be re-mixed and re-used.

There are also discipline specific guides focusing on open textbooks and support materials for:

This guide will be updated with new OER resources and additional discipline specific pages, as well as new articles and information about the use of OER in education.   You can subscribe to the RSS feed for the guide to keep up with new additions.

If you want to know more about finding and using OER for research or teaching, please contact Stacy Zemke (szemke@ou.edu).

Jeremy Hessman