OU Desire2Learn: Why the change to BCC?

email-iconSince the latest OU Desire2Learn upgrade on Sunday, November 4th, we have heard a number of concerns related to the changes in functionality with the email tool. OU Desire2Learn now adds email addresses to the BCC (blind carbon copy) field by default when initiated from tools within a course (Roster, Grades, Dropbox, etc.). The change was implemented to assist in preventing possible FERPA violations by masking all recipients. We are listening to our users and understand that this change has caused a number of you frustration. In order to ensure student privacy and assist instructor’s with FERPA compliance, no changes will be made to the default setting; however, below you will find a workaround!

BCC Email Notes:

  • All recipients receive the email as they did prior, however they cannot view other recipients listed in the BCC field (removing the ability to reply-all)
  • By default, OU Desire2Learn retains a copy of sent mail, including the message content and TO/CC/BCC recipients

If desired, it is still possible to email your course utilizing the TO field (instead of BCC). To achieve this, please follow the steps (or view the video) shown below:

  1. Go into the course
  2. Click on the message alert icon in the top grey minibar (the first alert icon)
  3. Click Compose Email.
  4. Click Address Book (you will now see a list of students in the course)
  5. Select the checkbox next to TO and it will select all of the students (be sure to update the “per page” dropdown to get all the students)
  6. Click the TO link
  7. If there’s more than one page of students, proceed to the next page and repeat steps 5 and 6.
  8. Click Add Recipients (everyone should now appear in the TO field)
  9. Compose the email and click Send

Kevin Buck

As an academic technology administrator, Kevin Buck primarily focuses on assisting faculty and students with the use of technology to enhance their learning experience. Over the past year, Kevin has taken a growing interest in digital media and mobile solutions. Kevin serves as the Digital Media Specialist for OU Information Technology, enabling and supporting the use of video to enhance the student experience. Prior, Kevin administered the campus LMS, Desire2Learn, and coordinated training and support for the system. Originally from Kansas, Kevin started working for OU IT in 2007 when he moved to Norman to pursue his undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma. Kevin earned his Bachelor of Arts in Information Studies and is currently contemplating what he'd like to pursue for his Masters degree.