What is SHAREOK?



SHAREOK is the new joint institutional repository shared by the University of Oklahoma Libraries (OU) and Oklahoma State University Libraries (OSU). It serves as the home for the intellectual output of both communities, and will ultimately include digital dissertations, faculty publications and research/data, digital special collections, open access publications, open educational resources and much more. Most items in SHAREOK are freely accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Benefits of Putting Your Work in SHAREOK

    • Your work will be indexed by Google and other web search engines, increasing its reach and impact, and potentially increasing citation count.
    • You aren’t limited by medium; SHAREOK can store images, multimedia files, and other content.
    • SHAREOK provides download counts and other statistics to demonstrate how often your work is accessed.
    • Items in SHAREOK are provided with a permanent URL which you can share on your website or send to colleagues.
    • SHAREOK is secure and reliable.

SHAREOK’s Reliability & Security

The repository is based on OU’s Shared Services hardware/server/networks. This means a large team of IT professionals that already work with hundreds of terabytes of data from dozens of departments across OU, including other large repositories for clinical data and research are protecting your deposited items. Shared Services private cloud services have layers of security components built-in that will protect this important data.

Contributing to SHAREOK

Who? Faculty, students, staff and other individuals or entities associated with OU or OSU can contribute content. If you have questions, email shareok@ou.edu.

How? Review the Institutional Repository Policies & Guidelines, login to SHAREOK with your 4×4 and password, then click on Submissions in the My Account area.

What formats? Any file format can be submitted. Depending upon the format of the file there may be limitations on the OU/OSU Libraries ability to preserve it and for the ability of others to use it. Review the Institutional Repository Policies & Guidelines for information on currently supported data formats.

When is it available? A submission will appear in SHAREOK after it has been determined to meet community and collection policies, has been reviewed for completeness, and the metadata has been enhanced.

Embargoed works: SHAREOK can support embargoed works if needed.

Copyright: You own the copyright of works placed in SHAREOK, unless part of the work has been previously published and copyright was transferred to the publisher. Submitting work to SHAREOK does not impact your copyright. You may choose to use a Creative Commons license so that others may use your work.

QUESTIONS? Please contact shareok@ou.edu if you have questions about SHAREOK, its policies, guidelines or processes.

Jeremy Hessman

Jeff Selingo